Interiors, Bridgehampton NY

I had just finished grad school, W was writing his dissertation, and the chance to live rent free in a small mansion was a great gift. We left Manhattan for Greenwich CT, and attempted to fit our rough selves into that polished community. We were glad to have the freedom to work without normal constraints of bills and jobs.

Leaving the city and all its strange wonders seemed to call for some action to mark the occasion, and I decided to paint our crowded apartment. Living Room and Christopher Street with Sasha were the first spaces I painted, and marked the start of  the Interiors. These are at the top of the page along with Pekoe Daisy and Kiss, from my prior apartment.

Up in Greenwich, I began to document our surroundings. Tapestries, paintings, and beautiful old furniture filled the house as though we were camped in a museum, and I wanted to paint it all. My companion in this was Sasha, and she appears in many of the paintings, as does our occasional house guest.

These are mostly large pieces, and reflect an exploration of color, texture, mood, and the juxtaposition of indoor and outdoor spaces.